An AR choose your own adventure Book and App for Android.  The winner of Eyes And Ears Europe Award 2017. 
The Story of Ernas Unheil
The Story begins with you, the reader, having a birthday and getting a lot of great presents. A giant delicious cake, a cuddly teddy bear, a mysterious looking book and the best of all – Oswald, a little puppy, your new best friend.
Next thing, Oswald and you are happily running around, caught up in a game of chase, then hide-and-seek. Before you notice, you need to take a break. No better place then under the big, surprisingly comfortable tree near the ancient house where the infamous grumpy old Erna lives.
It all goes peaceful and quiet. And how good that you had the new book with you all along! Its pages feel warm and whisper under your fingers. Never much of a reader, you find yourself engrossed in a story nevertheless. It sends goosebumps down your spine. This is when you lose sight of Oswald, who naively walks towards the creepy house. Last thing you notice with a scared gasp – his fluffy tail vanishing behind the fence.
Your knees are shaking, but worn-out hard cover in your grip strangely fills you with courage. Before you know it, you are standing in front of the witch’s door, ready to dive into adventure and bring your friend back whatever it takes. But first you must knock.
Talea Sieckmann
 Lisa Forsch
 Jessica Bodamer 
Olga Trinova
Aileen Auerbach
Concept art, value sketch illustrations, menu design, narrative design, puzzle sprites.
Examples of the printed book pages with spread illustrations. Each illustration is a playable scene in the Erna's Unheil AR App. 
Some of the ready and polished value sketches that I made. As a team with three artists we had to develop a pipeline that would allow us to work simultaneously and keep a unified style. Each illustration started with me creating a detailed and clean value sketch. Then Jesse applied colors, textures and added more personalized objects. When her part was done Lisa finished the piece with the subtle line work.
Inspirational images and the plot points planning.
The final concept for the Erna's house that I made based on the house silhouettes designed by Lisa. And the first style search image. The architecture of the building is based on Beelitz-Heilstätten near Berlin, that our team visited for the project.
I start each value illustration with research and test sketching (digital and analogue), it helps to decide on the composition and viewer's perspective. Some of them can be seen here as well as finalized line-art.
App Menu and puzzle sprites.

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