Finch’s Dream is a multiplayer game for two players. One player is a little wooden finch while
the other controls the world’s platform and takes over the role of a living snowball. Together they
are going to travel through the cold, winter dreamlike world, searching for a new home.
The players support each other to navigate through physic based puzzles. The Players get different
achievements at the end (bronze, silver, gold) depending on how fast the players reach the house.
Olga Trinova
Aileen Auerbach
Luca Langenberg
Concept art, visual development, menu and achievements design, texturing, game mechanics prototyping, level design, minor programming.​​​​​​​
Analog prototype served as a base for it's digital equivalent. It was very helpful to grasp the feel of physics that we wanted to transfer into the game. 
The visual concept for the game was built on it's two main characters. As such our team took a toy wooden bird (finch) and a snowball. Their forms are related to underline the friendly connection they share. 
FINCH'S DREAM features an abstract dream-like setting, everything happening in the game is occurring inside of a toy crystal ball, but for the characters this world is real.
Sketches I made to research possible houses' forms and how they would work together with the character's silhouettes. Major challenge here was to come up with the modular design, required for our game's mechanics, but also make it look stylized and memorable. 
A quick concept for the scene, painted over the test screenshot from Unity.
Before I started working on the textures, I made this quick examples to see how different variations would fit together and also to explore some more options. 

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