In the game LUNARIUM the player takes over the role of the moon and lights up the night sky.
The player draws connections between the Moon and the stars to gather light and protect themselves from the black holes. Different star types are available for various combinations and experimenting, while creating a unique constellation. 
The game blends together hypnotizing atmosphere, tension of quick decision making and strategic thinking.
Olga Trinova
Timo Falcke
Maximilian Haas
Morten Newe
Visual development, concept art, fake screenshots, textures, sprites, sprite animation, game mechanics prototyping, sound.

LUNARIUM started as a simple idea of a resource management strategic game. At first it only had mechanics and dozens of rejected prototypes until our team had the one.
Fake screenshots before and after I finished making the textures.
I wanted the textures to look unique and also have a bit of a painterly or watercolor look. I used different fabrics and painting materials to create some analogue base for the digital textures. Most of them ended up as Photoshop brushes. 
All in all I made around 30 different texture variations in high resolution, here are some of them.
Making of the sprites and the Moon and the stars animation.
Sounds in LUNARIUM are rather simple, but they add a lot to the hypnotic atmosphere.

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